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“Theft has also been stopped in its tracks.”

“I work at another store that used another solution, and I am so glad that our stores have converted to InVue. The OneKEY makes remerchandising and maintenance so much easier. Theft has also been stopped in its tracks.”


“InVue solutions help us improve the convenience and quality of our customer service. One of the main advantages is the ability to use OneKEY to operate the entire store.”


Why DNA chose OneKEY

“InVue’s innovative and high quality products, together with Fenix Sign’s excellent service, has led to a productive long term relationship with DNA. We recognize the InVue OneKEY ecosystem™ as the leading concept in industry.”

— Jukka Raja, Development Manager


The powerful single key solution.

“At the touch of a button a representative can grab the right product for the right customer without having to fumble around for the right key. It’s increased efficiency, and makes things simple and easy to run the store.”

— Kelly Muir, Customer Care Supervisor


Best-in-class, broadest range of security for handheld devices.

Industry leading security and merchandising allows your employees to focus on customers.

“The biggest benefit of the InVue One60 is security and not compromising the customer experience.”

— R Wireless (an Authorized Verizon Retailer)


Why Telstra chose InVue OnePOD.

For Telstra it was crucial to improve the customer’s trial experience and to streamline operations with quick nightly removal and fast re-merchandising. One55 was the perfect solution.

Read the case study.


DU selected the One55 for the high experience it provides and lock down when needed.

“One of the main reasons that we really like this solution is that we can lock the system to avoid kids continually playing with the devices and damage them. That was a main issue for us with the old solution.”

“The One55 is much better and easier to use than the Series 1500. It’s very easy to maintain and install the devices since there is no recoiler under the table. And the new One55 is a more elegant display option.”


“InVue’s OnePOD platform has provided us an opportunity to have consistent visual merchandizing. It helps when you can add additional security when required without compromising the look and feel of the store.”

— Nabil Saleh, Devices Manager

Most comprehensive, all-in-one solution to power and alarm wearables.

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Clean, consistent display for wearables available in hidden or exposed cord options; compatible with Zips for full alarm option.

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Extreme high theft protection that provides robust security for watch body and band.

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The broadest range of storewide solutions.


The only solutions for powered and non-powered electronic accessories and general merchandise.

Modular Displays

Customizable, flexible and cost-effective attachments for select accessories on display.

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Casa Conectadas

Zips for Connected Home display is the only universal and cost-effective platform to display and protect connected home devices.


Etisalat is increasing sales with Zips Power.

“Zips has increased our accessories sales as we can safely allow the customer to experience the devices. Allowing customers to try the devices before they buy increases sales.

The InVue Smart Locks help us to display more merchandise in the glass cabinet and provide our staff fast access to assist the customer.”


Decrease wait time, improve the customer experience, and increase sales with InVue mobile POS stands.

Transforme o tablet em uma poderosa ferramenta de vendas para operadoras de celular.

Provides integrated charging of tablet and card reader
Supports any tablet size, manufacturer and operating system
Two USB 2.0 connections support peripherals and data connectivity

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InVue Software Solutions

Intelligent security devices that enable interactive customer engagement and provide powerful in-store behavior analytics.

MicroSigns Digital Signage

Customers have interactive access to why they should buy information.

Insight Data & Analytics

You have visibility to in-store activity for better decision making.


“We’ve observed our initial roll out with MicroSigns for 3 months and found 30% same store sales increase, 15% margin increase, and we sold 3,000 new plans in 3 months. MicroSigns was at the heart of our strategy.”

Saudi Telecom Company

“InVue has become the partner of choice for STC’s mobile display security requirements. Additionally we believe MicroSigns will add great value in reducing our operational cost and improving content accuracy. With over 100 stores, Insight provides crucial information about in-store behavior.”

— Mohammed El Sawwy-IHP

Pegged Merchandise

Segurança para acessórios premium de celular.

Secure phone cases, covers, SIM cards and accessories with Locking Hooks.
Locking collar secures to wallboard

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Produtos em armários trancados

Smart Lock L400 Self-Locking Series

 O acesso rápido à mercadoria permite que seus funcionários atendam melhor aos clientes e aumentem as vendas.

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Portas de vidro que abrem para fora


Gavetas e portas


Sliding glass bypass doors

More of what our customers have to say.


Telefonica Espana installing the OneKEY ecosystem storewide.

Question: What was the challenge, problem facing Telefónica España before using the InVue solution?
Answer: “One solution for all the alarming security challenges in our stores using a single key for the entire security ecosystem. It also required a modern design of these solutions according to the new aesthetics guidelines of our Restyled stores. Reliability was also required in such a way that the sensors are not alarming continuously”.

Question: Why did Telefónica España choose InVue products?
Answer: “For their adaptability to each of the requirements of our Restyled Movistar stores and for their continuous innovation capabilities.”

Question: What is the best thing of the InVue solutions?
Answer: “InVue’s adaptability to each of the needs, requirements of our Restyled Movistar stores and their continuous innovation and advanced technology.”

Question: What are the quantifiable results?
Answer: “Fewer thefts, more reliable, no false alarms, the products design and modern aesthetics.”

Question: What do you think about the results to date?
Answer: “The results have been satisfactory and with the introduction of the new alarmed One60 it has been possible to mitigate any type of theft given its extreme robustness and reliability.”

Question: What will happen next and as a result of implementing the InVue solution?
Answer: “We will continue deploying the new One60 solution in our new stores which will be restyled as well as replacing the old S1500 series with this new One60 series.”

— Rubén Padrones Sánchez, Director Global de Tecnología Tiendas Restyling Movistar+ Madrid (España)


“With InVue we are confident that all of our phones are powered all day and secured with a very robust security. We have had zero thefts in our store and no false alarms.”

— Mohammed Qahtani


“One of the reasons we prefer InVue is if we have a specific need they will work with us to develop the product we need even if they have to redesign and improve on an existing solution.”

— Zeeshan Virani, Retail Services Manager


“With the InVue OnePOD solution, I am now able to display any live device that I want. InVue gives me the peace of mind knowing that my most important selling brands are protected.”

— Owner, Metro by T-Mobile Dealer


“The InVue CT300 provided the unique combination of power, mobility and security, along with integrated payment capabilities that shortened the time per transaction.”

— Brian Bell, Manager of Program / Project Management for Sprint

Dixons Carphone

“O Access Manager da InVue agregou um enorme valor às nossas lojas ao ajudar os funcionários a melhorarem o atendimento aos clientes permitindo que todos tivessem uma chave, ao mesmo tempo controlando o acesso às mercadorias protegidas em toda a loja.”

— Robert Jennings, VP Loss Prevention, DixonsCarphone


“We truly value InVue’s partnership. We count on them for innovation, creativity and collaboration as we look to the future.”

— T-Mobile Visual Merchandising


“Um excelente produto. Consiste, não causa preocupações. Ele protege seus acessórios e definitivamente aumenta as vendas.”

— Biral Shah, Store Manager, AT&T Authorized Reseller



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