Maximize customer moments.

Global expertise, local support.

InVue’s solutions for CE Brands combines over 45 years of innovation in retail display and security with a global network — allowing us to meet the demands of putting world-class products in the hands of your customers and balancing the unique needs of your regional environment.

Google’s first official stores utilize InVue solutions.
Google and Best Buy have collaborated for the first Google shop-in-shop openings in North America. These stores are brand new for Google, and InVue products secure all devices that require power. Learn more.

Our fast-paced, hands-on process enables us to collaborate with our brand customers to very quickly solve complex challenges that impact the experience consumers have with their products at retail. Our ability to provide an unmatched end-to-end combination of retail and design expertise, innovative technology, global reach and customer focus is how InVue helps brands like you maximize customer moments.

Unmatched retail expertise.

InVue works with the top retailers in over 90 countries and maintains a deep understanding of their challenges displaying your products. Through our knowledge of the retail landscape, we offer the relationships and strategy you need to thrive in a retail setting.

Design that makes a difference.

We partner with you to determine the right solutions for displaying your device through an existing platform or by creating a custom solution. With design that makes a difference, we can help you balance the need for high engagement with the right security in each retail environment.

Phase 1:
Collaborative Product Definition

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InVue Design collaborates with you to understand the unique features of your product.

We demonstrate the possible solutions with complete renderings and concept modeling conforming to your needs throughout the process.

This phase concludes with concept agreement, pricing and timing before we move to Phase 2.

Phase 2:
Design / Engineering Validation

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During Phase 2 we work with your product prototypes and refine our designs.

During this phase we provide high quality renderings and prototype models for your review.

We also test and validate the solution.

Phase 3:
Design / Manufacturing

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We begin this phase by supplying early samples of our solution so you can utilize them in your planning and marketing activities prior to the official launch.

We also address any product updates and changes you might have.

We conduct rigorous quality testing and provide you with documented results.


Phase 4:
Commercial Deployment

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Provide all the necessary documents to support your successful retail implementation.

This can include instruction sheets, install videos and specification documents.

We begin to ship your product.

Patented technologies.

InVue retail display solutions are built, tested and evolve with the needs of global retailers in mind. Our solutions combine a broad merchandising and security portfolio with data and analytics that provide valuable insights into customer behavior.


InVue’s innovative OneKEY provides retailers the security, merchandising and analytics necessary to increase sales, decrease theft and improve profits.


With advanced analytics and the most robust security in the industry, OnePOD helps you maximize every sales opportunity, in every store, every day.


The most comprehensive all-in-one solution to power and alarm wearables.


The only solutions for powered and non-powered electronic accessories and general merchandise.

Casa Conectadas

Zips for Connected Home display is the only universal and cost-effective platform to display and protect connected home devices.


Faça atualizações de conteúdo de maneira mais rápida, barata e com um maior nível de conformidade, mantendo preciso o seu conteúdo promocional e da marca... e os seus clientes interessados.

Global expertise, local support.

Our established presence in over 90 countries makes us well positioned to execute a global new product launch as well as to service your local needs.

InVue partners with the world’s top consumer electronics brands to create solutions that maximizes customer engagement with your product. Our history of working with brands at the headquarter, regional and local levels means we maintain a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s ecosystem.

  • Multi-Level Relationships
    At headquarters, regional and local levels

  • Custom Solutions
    Device or display specific product designs

  • Product Launch Prep & Support
    Closely collaborating alongside brands and their technology roadmaps to prepare solutions, supply chain and inventory in time for public announcements

  • Product Support
    Branded experience stores, trade shows, pop-up displays, technology demonstrations

Why the world’s top brands partner with InVue.


“This is the first time we’ve ever experienced InVue, but are really satisfied with nightly removal functionality enabled by quick disconnector sensor which is a key differentiating point vs Kumoh. It is COOL!”

— Store Associate in Samsung Digital Plaza (Gojan), Samsung Korea

“Samsung’s close working relationship with InVue at a local level, enabled specific UK operator channel requirements to be considered to produce a bespoke security solution. InVue provided a rapid response to our needs and supported operator channel meetings to provide expert knowledge. The communication path to their head-office colleagues was fast and insightful, allowing us to foresee future challenges and respond accordingly.”

“The introduction of Galaxy Keeper with the launch of Galaxy Fold 5G provided an extra layer of security that did not disrupt the premium shopper journey which was expected with this product. It was well received by our channel partner with the request to roll-out all stores on launch day.”

— Stephanie Doyle, Senior Omni-Shopper Initiatives Manager, Samsung UK


“On behalf of Huawei South Africa’s service and procurement teams, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for going beyond the call of duty to help us launch our flagship store in Menlyn. We are extremely proud of this store, and it would not have been such a major success without your support and dedication throughout the process. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. Your team has been exceptional. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. In light of this we will definitely recommend you to others and look forward to working together on many other projects in the future.”

— Huawei South Africa Service Team


“We have decided to use the new InVue Zips to display our speakers and headphones. We do not have power on all tables, but this system allows us to secure all the positions and keep all displays looking similar and only provide power to the tables that have a power socket.”

— Terry Asselman, Store Manager, Bose Liege


“Motorola has been choosing InVue since both companies share an alignment in the business strategies, focused on how to merchandise the products looking to meet the standards of toughness, design and costs. InVue is flexible enough to start working ahead of the product launches, therefore trying to meet the timelines to secure the proper set-up of the components.”

— M. Brito, Head of Retail Merchandising at Motorola

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